Limited Campus Access

Please note: due to state and county health requirements concerning COVID-19 prevention, campus access is extremely limited at this time. With the move to remote operations and instruction, a small number of Chapman community members have been classified as “essential.” These include:

  • A limited number of staff whose work requires campus access.
  • Faculty to teach from campus classrooms.
  • Faculty who require short term access to their campus offices.
  • Students living in Chapman housing.

At this time, the only new requests being considered are those requiring “emergency access,” as supported by the individual’s highest department head.

To obtain emergency campus access, please click or tap “Next”.

Campus Access Request

Please fill out this form with the information of the individual for whom you are requesting campus access.


  • Please allow at least two weeks between request and arrival date if the requestor has yet to complete the requirements to be on campus 
  • Faculty are NOT to be on campus or in offices on days they are NOT teaching. Access is ONLY provided for essential teaching activity in assigned locations.
  • For staff, approval MUST be granted and only those deemed to have essential duties or have a legitimate need to be on campus for a short time that cannot be accomplished remotely will be approved.

In addition to approval granted from your Highest Department Head and then Senior Staff, two other items must be completed:

  • Complete the required COVID-19 training module. The on-line training should appear in your Canvas Dashboard, or you can navigate to Courses > All Courses and look for COVID-19 Safety Training.
  • Chapman is requiring a weekly COVID-19 test. The Student Health Health Center will accept the following tests:

Is the campus access request part of approved research?*
Are you an employee in the UA, SMC, Career and Professional Development departments?*

The "Student" option is to be used for students to request campus access for academic, athletic, or student involvement purposes. Students who are requesting access related to their job on campus should select the “Student Employee” classification and then follow directions to select their "Highest Department Head", which will route their request to the appropriate supervisor. As a student, please do not submit requests for other students.

Directions for selecting "Highest Department Head":

  • Please select your highest level department head. Read the entire list, there may be a better selection further down the list.
  • For Institutes, please select the appropriate Dean.
  • If you are not sure, please check with your direct supervisor.

Visit Details

A one-day visit request for TODAY will not automatically receive the Daily Health Screening, even if all of the other requirements have been met. After filling in this form, please contact the appropriate department:

Campus visit start date*
Campus visit end date*
Is this a one-time or ongoing request for access?
Will the individual need building access?*
Please select the building(s) to which access is being requested*

The purpose of your campus visit requires more of an answer than "work" or "class". A simple answer like this will result in your request being denied.

Two examples of a good purpose:

  1. "I am a staff member who has been recalled to return to campus effective October 5th to provide onsite student services. I will need to be on campus every day of the week (or every other day) from 8-5. I am requesting restoration of my access to Building X on Orange Campus so that I can resume my job onsite."
  2. "I am a part-time student employee working in the Office of Human Resources. HR is reopening some of its services starting October 5th, and that includes potential walk-in support for students (complaints, employment, etc.). I will be working at the front desk 18 hours per week and request that my access be restored to DeMille Hall on Orange Campus so that I can resume my Federal Work Study job there."
Is a classroom needed for online teaching this fall?
A classroom is needed for online teaching this fall:

Other Information

How many requests (separate individuals) are you submitting?

Please submit the form for this individual's request and fill it out again for the other few requests.

Please fill out this Excel Template to enter the rest of your individuals' requests and then upload it below.

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Highest Department Head

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Research Department Head

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Senior Staff Approval